jueves, enero 22


I saw him while he was fishing in the lake last Monday. He had stayed there for an hour and suddenly he fell into the lake. He couldn’t get out, he was shouting for his life, he was going to drown. Nearly he made it, but something weird happened. When he was going to die, the clouds turned black, the wind started to blow hardly, a big strange black shadow covered the valley where the lake was. I couldn’t see anything. When I thought I was seeing him, the shadow disappeared and the man with it. It was impossible to survive, he was dead! After witnessing this event, I went to the supermarket to buy some past for lunch. When I was going to pay, I saw him. The shop assistant resembled him, too much to be real.

 WHEN I SAW HIM lying on a stretcher I felt his paint, I couldn´t believe how we can have ended up like this, buy maybe you understand this history if I start from the beginning …
17th July 1999, when I was 19 years old I met John in a Coffee shop which is between my little apartment, was Tuesday, and nowadays I remember that day as if it was today. He was wearing blue jeans, and a casual shirt, he hadn´t anything special, but when I entered the Coffee shop I felt that I was falling in love. At first, our relationship was perfect, like all the lovers, but I´m not going to say that all our live has been perfect.
25th May 2002, everything started to go wrong, John started to have a serious problem which became in an illness, he was drinking since she woke-up until he went to bed. John wasn´t the same men that was falling in love with.
23rd March 2010, I was married to a men that got my life back on track. In addition, we had a child she couldn’t lived in that situation.
And now it is when we return to the present, like I have said I can believe how we can have ended up like, but I don´t regret it

When I saw him…   I realised that he was the man, he was tall, big, fit, and he was wearing a big black coat and huge grey boots.  He was in the table near the door paying attention to the people who entered  the restaurant.
I looked at my newspaper but  it was not an actual newspaper, I had my notes inside , in that moment I thougt: A killer like that inside the pub and nobody  notices him, he is really good
I am a private detective, I don’t work for any goverment, I work for the people who pay me more, I am working for a rich man right now. His wife was killed by his chofer, or that is what he thinks, I am trying to look into  that.
I am starting to be afraid of him, when I started this case I thought that he wasn’t so dangerous, maybe I am in trouble.
Suddenly the man, stood up and sat down next to me, my heart started to beat very fast, I was very nervouse, he looked at me and he said:
We'll be back in five minutes….

·         I know what you are doing-He said me
And someone stubbed me in my neck, I could not watch very well who it was, but when I was on the floor I saw him:  He was the man who I was working for! They have  cheated me!!!

I saw him when he was in the train station. He fell down and a train passed by. After that an ambulance came to the station but nothing had happened to him.  He had rolled over before the train arrived to the station. Afterwards he ran home, but on the way home a car ran over him, but, again, nothing had happened to him. Two hours later, while he was walking in a field, a lightning hit him, he burned his chest, but again, anything else had happened to him. Then, it started to rain, and he went all wet. When arrived home, he touched the light plug with his wet hand and got electrocuted, but, again, nothing had happened to him. After this exhausting day, he went to sleep. Eventually, he started to drool, he chocked and died

When I saw him I tought that everything was Okey, but then he started to cry. I asked him what had happened but he didn't want to tell me. Finally he told me what had happened.
This story started with a phone call... I saw in the phone the name of my mum but it wasn't her, it was the police. I did not understand anything. They said to me a lot of things but I couldn't understand them. I became very nervous and then my tears run down my face.
A traffic accident had killed my mother, my girldfriend and my little son. I couldn't belive it. I thought that was a joke, but they said to me to go to the hospital.
They were there, two of them had died, but my son was alive.
My life would continue but the memory of my mum and girlfriend are still alive. I have met arianna and I don't know if I will marry her, because I also love Itsaso. How can I make a decision? Can you help me?

When I saw him my heart beat faster but I didn’t know why. Every second, every minute, every hour, thinking about him. She was the perfect girl for me, she had dark hair, green eyes, she was tall, and she may be a top model. It was love at first sight. I saw her that day at haven’t seen her until today. I was having dinner with my friends and I saw him. I talked with my friends about her and they said to me that I must have a date with her. So, I went to her tale and I said her that I want to have a date with her. She said me that it will be a good idea. Our date was the day after at 19 o’ clock on the park. I was thinking about him all the night y I dream with him <3 .="" and="" another="" arrived.="" arrived="" at="" awful="" date="" didn="" doesn="" dreaming.="" earlier="" exist.="" first="" five="" girl="" have="" her.="" her="" horrible.="" hour="" i="" it="" love="" minutes="" on="" perfect="" personality="" said="" she="" sight="" so="" span="" speak="" started="" t="" talk="" that="" the="" think="" time.="" time="" to="" want="" was="" with="">

I saw him when I was looking for a dress for my cousin wedding in July. At first the dress look ugly, but I tried it on I think that was perfect for myself. Afterwards I saw the price and I got astonished. For that reason as soon as I went out of the shop I called my mother, after arguing for an hour we decided to rent it.
When the day arrived it was raining and the car crashed. I went out to repair the car and the dress got dirty. Eventually, I found my sport bag so I wear with a casual clothes.